Our Factory is situated on land measuring 21400 Sq.Ft. with built-up area of 9000 Sq.Ft.


Fully Furnished Fabrication Shop has following equipment.

85 Tonne Press Break
Shearing Machine upto 8 SWG Capacity
Hand Flywheel Blending Machine, Size 9
Welding Transformers
1-1/2 Pillar Drilling Machines
Bench Grinder & Surface Grinders
Portable Drills
Other necessary Tools and Accessories


Our Paint Shop consists of following equipment.

Metal preparation process.
Paint and Powder coating equipments with Booth
8 ft. x 3 ft. x 4 ft. Electrical Oven for stoving.


Well equipped assembly shop for assembling and wiring work having Busbar Bending Machine, Pillar Drills, Portable Drills, Bench Grinder, Crimping Tools with Dies and sets of all necessary tools and equipment.

Fully equipped Pipe and Tube assembly shop having necessary Tube and Pipe Benders, Tube and pipe Cutter and other requisite tools and equipment.


We have following equipment for Testing of finished products:

5KV High Voltage Tester of A.E. make with Leakage Current Meter.
On Load testing facility upto 1600Amp. Capacity by injection method for temperature rise and Load test.
Meter and Relay Testing by Secondary Injection method.
Generating type Megger-1000V.
Test Bench with indicating lights for checking Logic and sequencial operation.
Multi meter and other necessary tools.
Dye Penetration Equipment.
Sheet Thickness Measurement Gauge.
Paint Thickness Measuring Instrument.
Compressor System for Leak Test.
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing facility upto 400 kg./Sq.mm